Friday, June 25, 2021


How stablecoins stay stable, explained

Stablecoins use a variety of techniques to keep their value fixed, generally to a specific fiat currency like the U.S. dollar. Source link

DOJ Seeks Trial Attorney With Extensive Blockchain and Crypto Knowledge

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is seeking a trial attorney to help with the federal executive agency’s Digital Currency Initiative. The DOJ...

Chainalysis raises $100M in Series E funding led by Coatue

Chainalysis has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in the second quarter as venture firms allocate more resources to the emerging blockchain sector....

ExzoCoin Will Make Cryptocurrencies Accessible to Anyone, Anywhere, and at Anytime

ExzoCoin is a blockchain project promising to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible to everyone. Among the services being developed by the ExzoCoin team are...

Binance NFT Marketplace Launches With Artwork From Dali, Warhol and ‘100...

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance launched its NFT marketplace on Thursday. The platform allows users, including artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts, to mint and trade... introduces username-based crypto transactions

The new integration enables users to send funds to major wallets by typing a readable domain. Source link

Andreessen Horowitz launches biggest-ever crypto venture fund at $2.2B

The Silicon Valley venture firm is doubling down on blockchain technology, having already supported several crypto startups over the years. Source link...

Nigeria's comms minister links blockchain to national digital innovation efforts

Nigeria’s government is looking to drive blockchain adoption as part of its plans to establish emerging technology centers across the country. Source link

Activists archive Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper on blockchain

Following a national security probe, pro-democracy Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily printed its final edition and shut down its website. Source link

Mastercard Blockchain-Supported Livestock Tracking System Launches in Zimbabwe

E-Livestock Global, a venture-funded social enterprise, recently launched a blockchain-based livestock traceability system for Zimbabwean cattle farmers. The Mastercard “Provenance solution”-powered system, claiming...