Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Santander Exec Claims Blockchain Success as Bank Redeems Ethereum-Issued Bond

"This unequivocally proves that a debt security can be managed through its full lifecycle," said an exec. Source link

Virgo Plant Factory Ltd Launches an Innovative Blockchain-based Agriculture Ecosystem

Company Virgo Plant Factory Ltd, launched in 2019 in Ontario, is working… The post Virgo Plant Factory Ltd Launches an Innovative Blockchain-based Agriculture Ecosystem...

State-Owned Chinese Bank to Finance Small Businesses With Blockchain Tech

The China Construction Bank will help finance small businesses using a blockchain platform. Source link

After Hard Fork, Ethereum Takes Second in China's Blockchain Rankings

Ethereum holds the second spot in China’s blockchain rankings after its latest hard fork Source link

JPMorgan’s Blockchain Network to Launch in Japan in Early 2020: Report

JPMorgan’s blockchain-based payment network, the Interbank Information Network, will reportedly launch in Japan in early 2020 Source link

China Releases Year-End Crypto Rankings

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has published its year-end crypto project rankings. Thirty-five projects were evaluated and ranked overall as well...

Ticketmaster Wants to Use Smart Contracts to Support Millions of Ticket...

Ticketmaster discusses plan to use smart contracts to support millions of tickets during ELEV8CON Source link

Bitcoin History Part 21: Miners Pour One out for Satoshi

There are a few ways of looking at bitcoin mining. As an ostensibly selfish enterprise, wherein miners are seeking to extract precious coins...

UP Alliance Members to Lock Mega-Utility Tokens for a Year

Universal Protocol Token is a mega-utility token offering attractive interest rates when lending and borrowing, lower exchange fees, cashback and discounts on trading....

Bitcoin Mining Operations Offer New Strategies Before Reward Reduction

As the reward halving approaches, bitcoin miners are preparing new strategies so customers can reap the most profits from their hashrate services. On...