Thursday, October 17, 2019


Report: Canada Exploring Digital Currency to Track People’s Spending Habits

The Bank of Canada explores CBDC to help fight the direct threat of cryptocurrencies Source link

Qtum’s First-Ever Hard Fork Qtum 2.0 Is Now Active

Qtum goes through its first-ever hard fork today after Qtum blockchain crosses block 466,000 Source link

104 Addresses Hold 70% of Tether, Research Reveals

The ownership of tether (USDT) turns out to be quite concentrated. According to a recent report, a few addresses control the bulk of...

Bloomberg Editor: BTC ‘Is for Making Transactions The Man is Against’

Bloomberg editor says that blockchains are inefficient and that ‘Bitcoin is for making transactions The Man is against’ Source link

What Does Skepticism for Libra Say About Bitcoin?

The potential loss of Libra could be Bitcoin’s gain Source link

Cartoon: Retail Blues

Despite the promises that bitcoin will be used for everyday purchases, many businesses that were initially bullish have stopped accepting cryptocurrencies (e.g., Expedia)....

The 18 Millionth Bitcoin To Be Mined this Friday, Only 3...

Anthony Pompliano points out that the 18-millionth Bitcoin will be mined on Friday, leaving only 3 million more Source link

Bitcoin ATM in Miami Airport Raises Questions About Traveling With Crypto

Miami based bitcoin ATM maker Bitstop has recently installed Miami International Airport’s first crypto ATM, according to a press release issued October 15....

Major Singapore Bank Completes First DLT Trade Financing Transaction

A Singaporean banking branch of CIMB Group, one of the largest Asian investment banks, has completed its first blockchain-based trade financing transaction Source link...

Blockchain-Shy Bank of America Quietly Pilots Ripple Technology

Bank of America, the second-largest U.S. bank, has discreetly tested out Ripple’s distributed ledger technology – and may be planning to do more...