Sunday, November 17, 2019


Bitcoin Independence Day, 15th November 2019: Bitcoin SV- the Fastest Growing...

15 November 2019 marks one year since Bitcoin SV (BSV) emerged in the world’s first Bitcoin hash war, to declare independence for original...

These Are The Golden Days Of Crypto Collectibles, Says Fintech Expert

From digital toys to “collectible” athletes, now might be a great time to get into crypto collectibles Source link

Crypto Leaders Propose Open Compliance Protocol For Financial Action Task Force

Can a new compliance protocol make it easier to follow FATF regulation? Source link

Asian Investors Call For Regulatory Clarity on Cryptocurrencies in the US

When will the US make its cryptocurrency policies clear? Asian investors at BlockShow are calling America out Source link

Royal Bank of Canada Patents Point to Crypto Exchange Launch

The largest bank in Canada by market capitalization, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), is reportedly opening a cryptocurrency exchange. Patents have been discovered...

The Crypto Companies Reinventing the Wallet

You wouldn’t think there was much to improve about cryptocurrency wallets. Save for a few UX improvements here and there, what’s to reinvent?...

FinCEN Chief: US Will Strictly Enforce Anti-Money Laundering In Crypto

FinCEN Director said that Anti-Money Laundering laws will be strictly enforced in the world of crypto Source link

Blockchain Firm Partners With Cannabis Data App to Create Research Project

The Measure Protocol and Broccoli have partnered in order to create a blockchain-based research project regarding cannabis usage Source link

China Is Poised for Another Crypto Trading Crackdown as Speculation Returns

China appears set to crack down on crypto trading again after President Xi Jinping's praise for blockchain tech revived speculation in the sector. Source...

Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

Nestle and Carrefour are using IBM's Food Trust blockchain platform to track organic baby milk products "from dairy to shelf." Source link