Saturday, December 7, 2019


Litecoin’s Mining Power Tanks to Lowest in Year Following Price Plunge

Litecoin’s price plunge in recent months has whittled away the profitability of mining the cryptocurrency, leading to a shakeout among operators. Source link

Kazakhstan Won’t Tax Cryptocurrency Mining: Report

Kazakhstan’s lawmakers won’t be taxing crypto mining until the mined crypto is exchanged for fiat money, a report says Source link

Ethereum’s Proposed Hard Fork ‘Muir Glacier’ Would Delay Impending Ice Age

Ethereum’s proposed Muir Glacier hard fork would delay the impending Ice Age mechanism Source link

Bitcoin Mining in North America: A New Gold Rush in the...

The phones are ringing off the hooks at the New York offices of BitOoda, a financial services and brokerage firm that advises bitcoin...

Monero Implements Hard Fork, Including New ASIC-Resistant Mining Algorithm

Monero has completed its hard fork and has introduced RandomX, a new ASIC-resistant mining algorithm Source link

A Plan to Decentralize Bitcoin Mining Again Is Gaining Ground

New code for mining pools could fix problems associated with transaction censorship and more, say its supporters. Source link

Despite Bitcoin’s Price Drop, High-Powered Mining Rigs Still Profit

Since BTC prices slid below the $8K price range, mining operations have been making less revenue. On Sunday, December 1, only 13 mining...

Photonics Bitcoin Mining Tech Aims to ‘Democratize’ Energy Use

Three researchers have published a paper at Cornell University’s proposing a system called Optical Proof of Work (OPOW) to potentially be employed...

As Halving Interest Grows, Spectators Discuss Miner Hoards and Capitulation

Recently, cryptocurrency advocates have been discussing the upcoming halvings set to happen on the BTC and BCH blockchains in six months or less....

Hackers Mass-Scanning Web for Docker Platforms to Mine Cryptocurrencies

A new hacking campaign is targeting Docker platforms that have API endpoints exposed online to mine Monero Source link