Wednesday, August 21, 2019


New York Court Rules That State Attorney Has Jurisdiction Over Bitfinex

The New York State Supreme Court has ruled that Bitfinex is in the jurisdiction of the state’s Attorney General Source link

Israeli Regulator Looking to Fast Track 2,000 Fintech License Applications

Over 2,000 fintech and blockchain-businesses are currently seeking licenses from the federal regulator Source link

Fiat Lite vs. Freedom Maximalist: The Two Types of Bitcoiner

As regulation continues growing exponentially for cryptocurrencies worldwide, a chasm is yawning ever deeper between supporters. On the one hand, many yearn for...

US Lawmakers to Discuss Facebook Libra on Swiss Visit: Report

Congresswoman Maxine Waters and other U.S. lawmakers will discuss Facebook's crypto project with the Swiss data privacy chief this week. Source link

Philippines Increasingly Crypto Friendly – A Look at Driving Forces

There are many reasons why the Philippines is becoming increasingly crypto-friendly. Not only has its central bank registered more crypto exchanges recently, but...

IRS Revoking Passports Shows How Government Erodes Everything We Hold Dear

If you have outstanding tax debt, the IRS may now want to take your passport. For U.S. crypto holders still waiting on promised...

Binance US to Go Live Within Two Months: Changpeng Zhao

The dedicated U.S. arm of cryptocurrency exchange Binance should go live by November, according to CEO Changpeng "CZ" Zhao. Source link

Binance to Resume US Operations Within Two Months, Predicts CEO CZ

Binance to resume operations in the US within two months, according to CEO Changpeng Zhao Source link

Ron Paul Slams Fednow Payment System and Encourages Crypto Competition

Ron Paul, the muckraking former congressman from Texas, is stirring things up once again, this time taking aim at the new real-time digital...

IRS Sends Warnings to Crypto Investors Over Misreported Trades

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is stepping up a campaign to send warning letters to cryptocurrency investors, urging them to make sure...