Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Smart Contracts

Algorand 2.0’s New Non-Turing-Complete Smart Contracts Are a Feature, Not a...

Thursday's Algorand 2.0 upgrade adds decentralized finance (DeFi) features and smart contracts to the $108 million blockchain. Source link

French Cybercrime Division Uses Smart Contacts on Tezos Blockchain

The French Gendarmerie’s cybercrime unit has validated expenses on the Tezos blockchain Source link

Why Tokenized Projects Are Building on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is something you hodl. Ethereum is something you build on. At least that has long been the official narrative, with projects favoring...

Public Statement Aims to Define Legal Status of Crypto Assets in...

A U.K. legal organization published a statement concerning cryptocurrencies, DLT and smart contracts Source link

Maker Launches New Dai Today, Expects to Phase-Out Old Dai in...

MakerDAO launches Multi-Collateral Dai today, expecting old Dai to phase-out in several months Source link

Conceal and Reveal: The Evolution of Privacy Coin Technology

Privacy can assume many forms and occur on many levels. The technologies that blockchain architects originally envisioned for privacy coins are now being...

Poll: 60% Tell Vitalik Buterin ‘No’ to Ethereum Reversing Transactions

Ethereum co-founder fails to impress with transaction rollback survey Source link

McKinsey Advisor: Blockchain May Kill Off the City of London and...

Blockchain could destroy the entire UK economic system, but smart-contracts are a “bit of a joy,” says a senior McKinsey advisor Source link

CipherTrace Expands Monitoring Platform to 700 Tokens

CipherTrace adds 700 tokens to its crypto intelligence platform Source link

Unwrapping the Ocean Plastic Conundrum Via Blockchain

Every year 8 million tons of plastics get dumped in the oceans. Can blockchain help clean up the mess? Source link