Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Smart Contracts

Coinone Exchange Partners With Two Firms for Improved Safety Measures

Crypto exchange Coinone has partnered up with two auditor and disclosures companies to improve investor confidence Source link

Cosmos Will Have 3 Coding Languages. Here’s Why That Matters for...

Ethereum rival Cosmos will offer users the choice of coding in at least three different programming languages for smart-contract development. Source link

Web3 Foundation Director Resigns to Pursue DAO Projects

The current director of the Web3 Foundation says he will be gradually leaving the organization to pursue work with DAOs Source link

10 Blockchain Projects That Are Out-of-This-World, or May Change It

Ten exciting blockchain projects with very futuristic goals, hoping to revolutionize the world Source link

BitFlyer, Sumitomo Aim to Wrap up the Property Rentals Business With...

BitFlyer Blockchain and Japanese business giant Sumitomo Corporation will develop a blockchain app allowing users to sign rental contracts and more. Source link

Ontario Securities Watchdog Settles With CoinLaunch, Pending Approval

The Ontario Securities Commission has settled with CoinLaunch, a company that it claims violated local security laws Source link

CertiK Foundation Launches Security-Focused Blockchain

CertiK has launched its Certik Chain blockchain, which purports to offer advanced security features including DeepSEA-based smart contracts Source link

KPGM to Work With Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on Blockchain Telecom...

KPGM announces work with Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on a blockchain solution for inefficient settlements between telecom providers Source link

Oil Markets Could Save 30% With Blockchain, Data Gumbo CEO Says

Global oil operators can save at least 30% by using blockchain, CEO of blockchain startup Data Gumbo said Source link

Share Internet Data Launches Banking App in Tandem With LDJ Capital

Internet crowdsourcing company Share Internet Data has launched a banking app in an effort to provide free service to the unbanked Source link