Monday, February 18, 2019
Blockchain Disaster Relief

Blockchain: A Logistical Lifesaver for Disaster Relief

1900, a tropical cyclone referred to as the Great Galveston Hurricane killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people. It remains the deadliest natural disaster in...

Former Citi Exec: Crypto Market Cap Still Smaller than Samsung, What’s Preventing Institutions’ Entry?

Hwang Hyeon-cheol, a former Citi and Allianz executive who worked on Wall Street for over two decades, has said that the valuation of...

Major Chinese University Launches Blockchain Research Center

One of the most prestigious Chinese universities has opened its own blockchain research center to study the application of the technology Source link

Survey: ‘Blockchain’ Was Most Overrated Buzzword of 2018

A survey has determined that advertisers believe the word “blockchain” to have been the most overrated of 2018. This is hardly a surprise...

Report: Bitcoin Unable to Solve Problems of Traditional Payment Systems

An official from the Bank of Spain believes that Bitcoin is unable to solve the problems of traditional payments systems Source link

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, TRON, Stellar, Binance Coin, Bitcoin SV: Price...

As markets are making a recovery, some analysts feel negative sentiment will drive prices lower still. Let’s consult the charts Source link

Germany Explores Blockchain Strategy as Bitcoin Wars Heat Up

Germany ― Europe’s largest economy ― may be hopping on the bitcoin bandwagon as it explores how to deploy blockchain across various industries. The...

Binance DEX To Be Launched Soon, May Revolutionize Trading

Since its launch in July 2017, Binance has established itself as a leader among crypto exchanges. It has managed to maintain its dominance...

Blockstream Releases Test Code for Proposed Bitcoin Tech Upgrade Schnorr

Schnorr signatures are no longer just another idea for improving bitcoin thanks to a new code library from Blockstream. Source link