Thursday, October 17, 2019
Blockchain Disaster Relief

Blockchain: A Logistical Lifesaver for Disaster Relief

1900, a tropical cyclone referred to as the Great Galveston Hurricane killed between 6,000 and 12,000 people. It remains the deadliest natural disaster in...

Cameron Winklevoss: Buy BTC to Escape Negative Yield Bonds

Cameron Winklevoss has noted that the volume of negative interest bonds adds up to $17 trillion and urges the public to buy Bitcoin Source...

Burj Khalifa Developer Emaar to Launch Tradeable Reward Token EMR

Developer of the Burj Khalifa Emaar plans to launch its tradeable reward token EMR in 2019, a new report says Source link

SLP Token Ecosystem Built on Bitcoin Cash Continues to Blossom

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) has come a long way since its inception and more than 4,900 SLP tokens have been created to...

Blockstream Green Wallet Adds Early Access Tor Integration

Privacy and a clean UX design have often been at odds in cryptocurrency apps. But there’s no reason why a bitcoin wallet app...

Germany is Considering the Advantages of Launching a Digital Euro

Over the last couple of years, numerous countries worldwide have issued statements concerning their plans for developing central bank-backed digital currencies (CBDCs). CBDCs...

What Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Said in His Defense of ‘Free Expression’

No mention of Libra. Source link

Ethereum Futures: The Next Big Derivative to Hit the Market?

Ether futures are coming soon, will institutional investors follow? Source link

WATCH: Our On Tap Meetup In Tokyo United Japanese Blockchain Fans With the Global...

Our first Tokyo meetup, held with our friends at CoinDesk Japan, brought together investors, devs, and crypto lovers. Source link

Telegram Asks Court to Deny SEC’s Action, Says Gram Is Not a Security

Telegram urges the U.S. court to deny the SEC’s emergency action, calling it “an ‘emergency’ of its own making” Source link

BlockFi Introduces Institutional Services for Digital Assets

BlockFi, a nonbank lender of crypto assets, has announced that it’s opening a new platform for institutional investors.  BlockFi Institutional Services is set “to...