Monday, March 1, 2021


Canadian bank plans to launch dollar-backed digital currency 'in the coming...

Stablecorp CEO Jean Desgagne said VersaBank's digital currency was intended to provide an alternative to concerns over volatility and security in crypto markets. Source...

Russian Orthodox Church will not accept Bitcoin in offering plate

A church spokesperson said it was also unlikely the church would release its own digital currency. Source link

US Healthcare Provider Gets Bitcoin Donations Totaling $800K From Single Benefactor

The anonymous individual had asked Cape Cod Healthcare if they could accept bitcoin donations in January. Source link

MoneyGram suspends Ripple partnership, citing SEC lawsuit

"Due to the uncertainty concerning their ongoing litigation with the SEC, the company has suspended trading on Ripple's platform," says MoneyGram's quarterly outlook. Source...

Bitcoin pizza all over again — delivery driver reportedly cashes in...

"I let the pizza guy choose between $5 in fiat or BTC. Needless to say, he chose wisely," said the Redditor. Source link

Ripple now registered as a Wyoming business

"More crypto companies are realizing Wyoming is a better domicile than Delaware due to our crypto-friendly laws," said Caitlin Long. Source link

Canadian Bitcoin ETF predicted to hit $1B AUM by Friday: Bloomberg...

Eric Balchunas said the Purpose Bitcoin fund could surpasses all other ETFs in Canada within two months, "barring a nasty selloff." Source link

Bobby Lee standing by prediction for massive BTC peak in December

The Ballet CEO predicted a Bitcoin price between $200,000-$250,000 before 2022. Source link

'I've taken a neutral view' on Bitcoin, says Bill Gates

"Bitcoin can go up and down just based on the mania or whatever the views are," said the Microsoft co-founder. Source link

‘Evil VASP’ Simulation Preps Crypto Exchanges for FATF Travel Rule

Backed by CipherTrace, TRISA looks to get virtual asset service providers (VASPs) ready for new anti-money laundering rules. Source link