83% confess attraction to crypto fanatics on Valentine’s Day survey

Showing an interest in cryptocurrencies might just be the key to attracting a romantic partner, according to a Valentine’s Day survey conducted by Binance.

The cryptocurrency exchange carried out a global survey in the lead-up to the annual romantic holiday, with 2,600 participants weighing in on the importance of an interest in crypto in potential partners. If the data is to be believed, having an avid interest in the space could be an important factor in a relationship with like-minded partners.

The open survey posed nine questions to participants focused on attitudes towards cryptocurrencies, dating and romance between Feb.6 and Feb. 9. 2,600 individuals took part, with ages ranging between 18 and 46.

A key takeaway was 83% of respondents indicated that having a partner that liked cryptocurrencies was an attractive feature in a relationship.

70% of survey participants said that they would be keener on going on a date with someone who was also interested in cryptocurrencies.

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60% of respondents noted that crypto interest made potential partners more appealing, as it indicates that the person is ‘tech-savvy’, open to innovation and technological advancement.

38% of surveyed individuals said that their patterns had equal interest and passion for crypto, while 27% revealed that they had introduced their partners to Web3, crypto and blockchain.

It also seems that receiving cryptocurrencies as a gift was superior to roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, with 83% of the respondents indicating that they’d prefer to receive a crypto gift card.

American socialite and serial entrepreneur Paris Hilton also married crypto, blockchain and Valentine’s Day in 2023, hosting a virtual reality dating experience show in The Sandbox.