Bitcoin Magazine Announces Auction For Historic Magazine Cover Inscriptions

1/1 Ordinal inscriptions of the first 23 covers printed by Bitcoin’s oldest publication are up for grabs.

Bitcoin Magazine is launching its first-ever Ordinals collection, “Bitcoin Magazine Historic Covers.” The collection features 1/1 inscriptions of the first 23 covers ever printed by Bitcoin Magazine, representing the publication’s journey from its founding in 2012 to Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary in 2019. The collection will be sold in a trustless Dutch auction on the Gamma marketplace on Saturday, April 15.

The collection offers a unique and limited- edition representation of Bitcoin Magazine’s journey and captures the spirit of the Bitcoin community and the evolution of the Bitcoin landscape. The PSBT-based Dutch auction on the Gamma marketplace will provide buyers with a transparent and trust-minimized buying experience, ensuring the release of the inscription to the winning bid is automatic through the rules of the Bitcoin protocol.

David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, said, “We’re experimenting at the edge of Bitcoin innovation and venturing into uncharted territory. Our Historic Covers collection is the start of Bitcoin Magazine’s journey in the world of Ordinals. We’re thrilled to offer our readers and the Bitcoin community a chance to own a piece of Bitcoin history.”

Each winner of a Historic Cover inscription will also receive a physical copy of the Bitcoin Magazine issue they purchased, further highlighting the unique history and scarcity of these publications.

The launch of the Ordinals collection by Bitcoin Magazine marks a new era in the world of Bitcoin, where fans and enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency can own a piece of history. 

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