BTCPay Server Releases 1.10.0 Update With New Store Management System And Privacy Features

BTCPay Server has released its latest major update, version 1.10.0, featuring a range of enhancements and new features.

One notable addition is the drag-and-drop form builder UI, which allows users to easily design customizable forms for collecting customer information during checkout. According to the announcement, the team has been working diligently to address outstanding issues and introduce improvements, including a new store role management system and a toggle to protect private data.

The custom role management system is a significant upgrade for store owners with teams, offering the ability to create tailored roles to meet specific needs and grant staff access to specific permissions within the store. The release also includes a privacy-enhancing toggle under “Hide Sensitive Information,” allowing users to hide wallet balances and invoice amounts from prying eyes.

In addition to these updates, the release includes improvements to invoice filtering, plugin updates and various quality-of-life enhancements. LNbank, a plugin integrated with BTCPay Server, has released version 1.6, which incorporates the new “Hide Sensitive Info” setting and adds wallet balance graphs. The Nostr plugin has also been updated for improved performance and stability.

The update also introduces a new plugin called Auto-forward Payments, which automates the redirection of payments to another address, streamlining the payment process. BTC OnChain payments are currently the only supported method for auto-forwarding.

The release notes also mention bug fixes, addressing issues such as payments not being detected by BTCPay Server when using LNbank and display issues with the dashboard when the default currency is sats.

However, users are warned to beware of scammers exploiting the BTCPay Server brand and software. The team emphasizes that they will only reach out through official channels and encourages users to verify the identity of anyone claiming to be from the team.

The BTCPay Server team expresses gratitude to the contributors and supporters who have made version 1.10.0 possible. They also highlight the partnership with OpenSats, which allows individuals to donate to the BTCPay Server project and potentially apply for a tax deduction.

For more information on the update and its features, users are encouraged to visit the BTCPay Server documentation and community chat.

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