Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall Pledges $5 Million Over 5 Years To Bitcoin Nonprofit Brink

Bitcoin development nonprofit, Brink, has received a significant financial boost with a pledge of $5 million from Jack Dorsey’s #startsmall organization. The pledge, totaling $1 million per year for the next five years, aims to support Brink’s efforts in funding Bitcoin developers and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Bitcoin’s core codebase.

Brink aims to provide fellowship and support to Bitcoin and Bitcoin-adjacent developers. The organization offers developer grants, mentorship programs and funding opportunities to promote open-source development for Bitcoin and related technologies. By nurturing new contributors and decentralizing Bitcoin’s protocol development, Brink hopes to strengthen the Bitcoin network and developer ecosystem.

Expressing his gratitude for the generous pledge, Mike Schmidt said, “Brink is very grateful for this extended pledge to support our Bitcoin developer funding efforts. $1,000,000 a year for each of the next 5 years means that we can help make Bitcoin development a sustainable career for the talented developers that are building, securing, testing, and reviewing the Bitcoin Core codebase.”

The support from #startsmall will contribute significantly to Brink’s mission of supporting Bitcoin development and fostering open-source decentralized systems. This substantial funding injection will enable Brink to provide ongoing support to Bitcoin developers and facilitate their crucial work in maintaining and enhancing the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Brink is actively engaged in creating a sustainable environment for Bitcoin development. With the additional funding, they can attract more talent, further educate developers, and expand their fellowship and grant programs. This financial backing not only demonstrates the commitment of #startsmall to open-source initiatives but also highlights the growing importance of Bitcoin and its underlying technology.

To learn more about Brink and its programs, visit their website at brink.dev.

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